School Residencies


Recent studies have shown that arts and physical activity create a positive environment for children to succeed. A 2010 study by the Missouri Department of Education and the Missouri Alliance for Arts Education found that students with greater arts participation had higher attendance, graduation rates and test scores than less involved peers. Other national studies have demonstrated that classroom-based physical activity has a positive impact on cognitive skills, academic behavior and academic achievement. Wild Space's school-based grant-supported outreach programs explore that relationship.

Project Dance Makers
Project Dance Makers engages students in the invention of creative movement, the exploration of music and rhythm, and the physical activity of dance. Elementary through high school participants learn about creating shapes in three-dimensional space, the relationship of music, rhythm and sound to movement, working together in collaborative dance phrases, and developing dance work inspired by self-expression, personal history and cultural diversity. The school-day residencies culminate in an on-site performance.

Project Dance Makers early childhood sessions begin with simple stretches, then move into skill-building activities.  Shapes, sounds and storytelling help children to learn simple patterns and to create their own movements, individually and in groups.

The 2018-19 Project Dance Makers sessions are funded in part by grants from The Herzfeld Foundation, the Dorothy Inbusch Foundation and the United Performing Arts Fund.

Recent Outreach Sites

Auer Avenue - Elm Creative Arts - 53rd Street - 81st Street - El Puente High School - Forest Home Avenue School - Howard Montessori - Kluge - Lincoln Center Middle School of the Arts - Longfellow Elementary - Manitoba - Milwaukee High School of the Arts - Story - Wauwatosa Catholic Schools - Westside Academy